Wellness offers

Would you like to let your soul dangle and really relax?

Then our small and fine wellness area is waiting for you.

  • 2-person sauna up to 80 °C
  • steam band
  • whirlpool
  • Wellness treatments
    • Back massage, ~20 min. (€ 35,00)
    • Back massage, ~30 min. (€40,00)
      Beneficial for tension: The classic back massage loosens and relaxes cramped muscles.
    • Small full body massages, ~30 min. (€ 40,00)
      The ideal massage after sports. Legs and arms are also treated. On request you can also get an extra long back massage of 30 minutes.
    • Cloud-Seven-Massage, ~60 min. (€ 70,00)
      Does the time during the massage always go too fast for you? We can’t promise that the cloud-seven massage will be any different, but you will have plenty of time to enjoy and dream before you start the day refreshed and relaxed.
    • Foot reflexology massage, ~45 min (€ 55,00)
      The connection between zones on the feet and organs of the body has been known for a long time. Experience the foot reflex zone massage with us as a beneficial health-promoting treatment, which also makes tired feet more awake again.
    • Aroma oil massage, ~60 min. (€ 75,00)
      We mix fragrant essential oils in organic quality for you to a personal aroma oil and spoil you from head to toe in a gentle massage. You are welcome to take the recipe of your personal oil with you.
    • Abhyanga, ~60 min. (€ 75,00)
      Traditional Indian health massage, performed with warm aromatic oils, strengthens the immune system and leads you into deep relaxation. Please allow 30 minutes for a rest after this massage.
    • Hot stone massage, ~60 min. (€ 75.00)
      A powerful massage with hot stones, soothing, relaxing, muscle-loosening. If you love intensive warmth, you will be thrilled.


  • The usage fee for sauna, whirlpool or steam bath is 5 Euro per person for hotel guests and 7 Euro per person for other visitors.
  • Wellness treatments should be booked at least 14 days in advance, as appointments with external masseurs must be arranged and invoiced.