Our History

The beginning

Our hotel is centrally in the village, on the Bundesstraße 71 and still in the middle of the nature reserve Glindbusch. Mulmshorn, first mentioned as a settlement in 1320, was built in a horn. It seems that even then people recognized the charm of the vastness in the protection of a terrain angle. In 1566-86 the bishop of Verden, Eberhard von Holle, bought his brother Johann a manor in Mulmshorn, which extended over the whole village. In the middle of the 17th century, the estate and its land were divided into four farms and sold. Gastronomy since 1828

First Gastronomie

Exterior view from 1910

Our house is one of the four courtyards of that time. The yard had a size of approx. 500 acres (125 ha). A “Krugwirtschaft”, as it was called at that time, was opened around 1828. Claus Friedrich Ahrens died in the year 1840. In the estate document the deceased was called “Krugewirt”. We assume that there has been gastronomy in this house since that time.
The main house was built in 1886. The large ballroom was still on the 1st floor at that time. In the year 1907 a festival hall was added lying behind and in the upper floor rooms were furnished.


Anna Fredericke Elise Ahrens (apprenticeship as cook, hotel manager and in agriculture in Bremen) née Schulken, was the wife of Franz Friedrich Ahrens (1878-1893). In an extensive vacation in the Lüneburger Heide she got to know the schnapps “Alter Heidejäger”, which already existed at that time. This fruity herbal liqueur reminded her of a beautiful and relaxing time. She wanted to convey this feeling to her guests in her guesthouse and so the name “Zum Heidejäger” was created. The schnapps is of course still available today.

FamilY Westermann Moves in

State in 1968

In the course of the decades the owners changed several times before they passed into the possession of the Westermann family in 1968.

In March of this year, Johann and Frida Westermann decided to buy the company, which was vacant at the time. As you can see on the picture on the right, this was a daring undertaking.
Frida and Johann Westermann sen. rebuilt the company in tireless work and thus saved the building, which had become very dilapidated, from demolition.
Thanks to the financial support of the private brewery Barre in Lübbeke
the two of them had succeeded in bringing the house back to life. Guest rooms and club rooms were built. In 1972 a large hall was added.


1980 – The Secon generation

Post card of 1974

Unfortunately Johann Westermann sen. could not witness the inauguration of his last building project any more. He died at the age of 60. From then on his son Johann Westermann jun. took over the management of the restaurant.
The extension and the renovations continued.

  • Extension of the restaurant
  • clubrooms
  • Construction of a new entrance
  • Modernization of the guest rooms and the hall
  • Conversion of the bowling alley into the Blue Salon 1990
  • Gardens with pavilion 1990
  • Stage extension to the hall 1991
  • Enlargement of the kitchen and storerooms 1992
  • Construction of our own laundry in 1995
  • Extension of a spacious, modern restaurant 1998

From 2003, Johann Westermann managed the business together with his son Frank, who was also a member of the
Managing Director. And the hotel was extended: 7 hotel rooms (01.04.04), classification of the hotel to 3 stars (comfort) by the German Hotel Classification in April 2004, conversion of the hotel rooms to herbal rooms, from then on our hotel is a herbal hotel.


On 01.01.2006 Johann Westermann handed over his business, which he successfully managed for more than 25 years, to his son Frank. Frank Westermann has been working in his father’s business since 1996. After his apprenticeship as a cook and hotel clerk, he has constantly expanded his knowledge.

Renovation of the restaurant – opening of the wellness area with fitness equipment, sauna, steam bath and whirlpool on 01.03.2006


Expansion of the wellness area by 28 m² in April 2007. Expansion of the range of services: Autogenous training, yoga, Nordic walking and Reiki under the direction of hotel manager and health consultant Evelyn Westermann, the wife of Frank Westermann.03/2007 Garden terrace in front of the house on the south gable
09/2007Modernization of 6 hotel rooms
Centralisation of the heating system and partial conversion to solar energy & heat recovery of 3 cooling units

180 Years GastronmY

On 09 March 2008 we celebrated 180 years of gastronomy and 40 years of the Westermann family in the Heidejäger.
Many guests and celebrities were invited. The speakers had many beautiful, humorous and warming words for our family and our house on this successful evening.
Furthermore, Frank Westermann received the Mentor Award 2008 for Ethics in Business from the Rhetorikakademie Koblenz-Niederfell.

03/2008 Redesign of the hall entrance corridor inside the house
05/2008 Award ServiceQuality
Germany in Lower Saxony
10/2008 Construction of a bridal suite with freestanding bathtub in the room (Above new entrance)
10/2008 Construction of a new entrance to the Saale. The brickwork is based on the historic gable of 1886.
06/2009 Extension by 4 hotel rooms (2 single rooms, 1 double room and 1 family room) in the guest house

Our house now has 28 rooms with a total of 62 beds.

Grandma Frida

On May 19, 2010, our “grandma Frida” died.
at the age of 89. Frida Westermann was the “grandmother” for all employees in the Heidejäger and was active until the end. She always had an ear for all employees and was always available for a friendly conversation and a cigarette.
We will always keep you in good memory.

04/2010 Modernisation and extension of the Blue Salon (former bowling alley).
The new heather rooms can now be used very variably for conferences and smaller family celebrations thanks to 2 mobile walls.

10/2010 Installation of a new hall counter with modern lighting and cooling technology

Renovation and insulation of hall roof (355 m²) 03/2011
Construction of a photovoltaic system (25.1 kw) 05/2011
With this PV system we generate over 20,000 Kw/h of electricity per year and thus save 15,000 KG Co². 95% of the electricity is consumed directly in the plant.
12/2011 Purchase of new chairs for the fireplace room and the new heather rooms2012

Die neue Rezeption

03/2012 Redesign of the reception desk
03/2012 Award in the Regional Cuisine Competition of Dehoga Lower Saxony

04/2012 Redesign of the garden with construction of a fountain. At this fountain bridal couples can attach a love lock with their personal initials and throw the key into the fountain. This fountain was inaugurated on 24.04.2012 by Evelyn & Frank Westermann, on the occasion of the 20th wedding anniversary.

12/2012 Awarded with the Healthy Point by the Healthy Region Wümme-Wieste

BHKW für Strom und Warmwaser

08 /2013 Modernisation of the heating system (BHkw) 30 kw thermal – 15kw electricity (front right the blue appliances), gas condensing boiler (70kw, right rear), installation of additional buffer storage tank (total 4000 ltr., left) and conversion from hot water tank to fresh water station (rear right on the wall)
11/2013 Redesign of the walls in the large ballroom incl. modern lighting technology (LED)


10/2014 Redesign of the fireplace room with vinotheque

04 / 2015 From now on it’s barbecuing all year round. Construction of our Finnish KOTA
10/2015 Modernisation of the front corridor

01/2016 Modernisation of the hotel corridor

05/2017 New construction of the terrace in front of the house
10/2017 Redesign and modernisation of the restaurant
Revaluation to 3 stars Superior

Extension of the hotel by a new building